by Celia Hales

In order that people be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it. – John Ruskin

Those of us on the spiritual pathway often wear ourselves out with good works. Not always, but often enough that it becomes a problem.

Maybe, just maybe, our work isn’t all about this doing, but simply a work of “being.”

And wouldn’t that be grand?

Would we be idle, then? No! Not in the least.

A New Age text counsels that the New Age will see our “being” more so than our “doing.” And there are forerunners for this “being” living right now. YOU may be one of them. A Course of Love, the text, suggests that you, yourself, might be better suited in current times to spending more time in reflection and in focusing on meaningful relationships. We will become that which we focus upon. And in the being do we actually makes changes in our world—the new world we are creating—sooner rather than later.

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes that human beings are divided into two subspecies, the resigned, who live in quiet desperation, and the exhausted, who exist in restless agitation. Maybe we wouldn’t have to despair or exist restlessly if we took enough time to simply be. A Course of Love says that “being” prompts great interaction, facilitating knowing through relationship. Those who focus on being will actually “do” much that is greatly desired in the world but what they do will be a byproduct of their way of being.

All are called to “become” in this new world we hope to create, but not all need to focus so much on the treadmill way of doing. Just as the old adage says, we need to stop and smell the roses, and this requires, first of all, noticing that the roses are there.

When we see roses, we see a harbinger of a wonderful new world. Our answer lies in the simple statement of as within, so without. No treadmill of doing. Just the positive aspects of being, focused from within.



  1. This is the thing- even when not at work, with my autistic students, my yard and drive are magnets for the neighbourhood children, because here they are safe, here they are respected, here they are loved. It is not tiresome and never a burden.

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