by Celia Hales

A Course of Love wants our mind to be deemphasized, in the beginning, so that we might let the heart out a bit. Our heart needs to feel its way in our outer existence. Ultimately mind and heart will be reconciled one to the other into a state that A Course of Love calls “wholeheartedness.” We find that the heart can’t function, finally, without the mind, and so we meld the two. This is as it should be.

We are not separate beings, separate either from God or from other people. As we progress in the spiritual life, we realize that we don’t want to be independent creatures any longer, creatures trying to do it all ourselves, trying (in vain) to be isolated and alone.

Give up this notion! Our hearts will tell us that this is a false conception. We grew to maturity believing that we had to stand on our own two feet to be a responsible adult, that when we use our own judgment to make decisions, we were heading down the right pathway.

What a wrongheaded notion! We live best when we live intuitively, in communion with the All, with God as we conceive Him to be. And our hearts agree. Our hearts know that we don’t do well when we try to be alone. And the attempt to be on our own is the major reason that we have put so much reliance, previously and falsely, on special relationships, relationships to ensure our survival and our thriving in this problematic world.

4 Replies to “UNITY & RELATIONSHIP IN ACOL: The Heart Knows”

    1. “Heart” is never defined in A Course of Love, though it is surely part emotion, part intuition, as you say. The heart is seen in juxtaposition to the mind, which seems to need “proofs” of God’s existence and His goodness, and the heart just knows without proofs.

      The “heart” is exactly what you think of when you think of understanding in a heartfelt way.

      Most cordially, Celia

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