by Celia Hales

“We could only share in unity and relationship through a seeming separation from the oneness in which we exist. This is the great paradox that unites the world of form and the world of spirit, the world of separation with the world of union, even while it does not unite the world of illusion with the world of truth. Sharing in unity and relationship is the way and the means to see past the world of illusion to the truth of the union of form and spirit, separate selves and the One Self.” (A Course of Love, Dialogues, Day11.2)

This quotation is part of the theology of A Course of Love, part of the reason that we understand that we are One, yet distinct from each other as diverse individuations that experience relationship one with the other.

We do not have to remain in a state of illusion, but can walk into true reality, according to A Course of Love. This assertion recommends, by implication, that we cease lamenting our limitations and instead move beyond them. We move beyond in unity and relationship, the two halves of the fact that we—diverse individuals—are actually One—part of the God Who is Everything. Thus we have a form of pantheism in this assertion, but not an assertion of little, individual, self-contained gods in everything, all the physical world, but a God that is immanent in and through His creation. And as we have seen, He wants us to create with Him. Co-creators of our future and the future of the world.

What more could we ask? We move ahead in Love to experience the best that is out there awaiting us. We are called to create a new heaven and a new earth. In so doing, we become who we are—individuated parts of the Godhead, the One—in physical form, the elevated Self of form, joining with our brothers and sisters in holy relationships. We live in Love, we live in joy. We forsake pain and suffering as we co-create our future into a world without limits.

This we can do. This we must do. The world would do it, if it knew that it were possible.

It is our place to show the world that life in Love is not only possible, but eminently desirable. Ordinary people, living ordinary lives, will effect the transformation that lives ahead.

Let us begin. We have no greater task among those that which lie before us.

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