When We Trust, We Sing

“All, all you are doing here is accepting your relationship to the unex¬plainable. Acceptance is the creator of invisibility, the creator of the spacious Self. God has been described as the “all knowing” for God is the relationship. Relationship is the known. The unknown, like the unexplainable, becomes known through the relationship of acceptance.” (ACOL, D:Day14.11)

We need to accept where we are in life, a Self, indeed a Christ-Self newly come out to play. Our little, personal, and egoic self kept the true Self under wraps for so long and for so deeply in our psyche that we didn’t know the Christ-Self even existed.

We know it now. We know the Christ-Self exists. And this Self, newly taught by the tenets of A Course of Love, is drawing on a larger Self Who is indeed God in relationship to the All. It is that relationship of everything to everything that allows even God Himself to know Himself. This theological constraint may not be easily understood, but Jesus has tried his best. All is like nothing when there is only a Whole; it is the discrete parts that allow one part to know another, and these discrete parts are in relationship one to the other.

There is much we don’t know about the cosmos, even much we do not know about ourselves and our place in the cosmos. We have to trust, which is another way of saying “accept.” And Jesus is very big on acceptance.

We accept with our minds as well as our hearts. We don’t check our intellect at the door. If something seems awry, perhaps we are accepting awry, some remnant of the ego, some fear, some worry. The things that Jesus would have us accept are golden in nature, golden and pure.

His way is best. Give it a try.


Dear God,

I am much impressed with You today. My long-time faith in a God I couldn’t know is being replaced with a God Whom I can know intimately. And well. And this changes everything.

Walk with me today so that I discover a little more of you. I am confident that that little more will take me singing through this day.


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