Our Hearts Will Blossom

“You must now own this dialogue—own it as you own the power that is yours. This one voice of the many will continue to point the way for only a short time longer. Thus the voice of the many must be heard as the voice of the one. You are not on this mountain top alone! Can you not hear your own voice? Can you not hear the voices of the many who join us here?” (ACOL, D:Day14.13)

Jesus has resigned as our teacher, choosing instead to be our partner and companion in a dialogue that will apprise us of what to do with our lives. He is not abandoning us—quite the contrary. But he asks us to “own” the dialogue, in that we recognize that we are full partners in the discernment of what to know and what to do. We will listen to our brothers and sisters who are on the mountaintop with us. We will give full attention to what they think, and we will be influenced by their thinking and their decisions. We are in a shared and a sharing relationship with others, and it behooves us to respect what they dialogue about. At the same time, we are our own boss. We give up making choices, as we listen to a Guidance that is beyond us, and, paradoxically, this returns us to ourselves. We were never meant to make our decisions in isolation.

Our own voice ought not to be louder than that of others. And Jesus’s, even, should not be louder, in the dialogue, than ours or the voices of our brothers and sisters. A dialogue is respectful, a sharing is just that—sharing in unity and relationship that draws on the knowledge that God Himself imparts to us. We are well-served when we remember, in humility, how very wrong we have been when we have made decisions about our future course in isolation from our fellow beings and from God. We would not return to that wrongness. We would open ourselves to the best and truest guidance available, the guidance from the Self Who is God in relationship to everything and everybody. Our little dot of the body, on the space of white—of everything—is the Self Whom we ought to consult now. Our minds will attract answers that have eluded us until now. Our hearts will blossom in love that has no end.

The future is indeed bright, when we stay true to what Jesus has told us in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. We have walked the pathway now, and only God’s decision will allow Christ-consciousness to descend upon our heads.

Dear God,

The way seems clear to me just now. I am constantly amazed at how quickly you answer a prayer when, in humility, I simply and thoroughly articulate my need. I must speak in clarity to You; You ask this of me. The way becomes illumined by Your brilliance.

Be with me this day to guide my thoughts and actions. Be with me this day to keep my heart warm toward my brothers and sisters, and, especially toward You, Who are sustaining my being.

Thank You for showing me the way, this day and always.


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