Balm for a Troubled Bosom

“The spirit that animated all things is the spirit that is in all things and that is the great informer. As you are more fully able to maintain Christ-con¬sciousness you begin the movement away from being observed to being in-formed by the spirit which animates all things. You begin the movement away from observing to informing.” (ACOL, D:Day15.3)

During our time of reading A Course of Love, we have traveled through learning, to observing, now to in-forming.

This may not be clear.

Jesus taught us much through our older methods of learning, but there came the time when he said that we needed to give up turning to him as our teacher; indeed, he resigned as our teacher and became our partner, our companion, our fellow worker on this earth.

At this point Jesus counseled observation as a way to discover—note the change in terminology to “discover,” rather than “learn”—what we need to know.

And the final step, once we have experienced Christ-consciousness, is an in-forming of the mind and heart from the Self Who is the All, God Himself. Our heart, first, informs our mind, and then we live in what Jesus terms “wholeheartedness”—mind and heart joined to take us beyond our Christ-Self, from within us, to the Self—God—Who drives the universe(s).

Our spirit is the great animator. It is a peaceful part of us, a part that knows God, and knows His purposes, and rests in this knowledge. It is never strident nor harsh.

As we live in wholeheartedness, living out the “in-forming,” we will find much to invite joy in our daily lives. We will no longer be overwhelmed with the problems of everyday living, for we will know, in the depths of our being, that God is here, always and forever, animating us. His Spirit—our spirit—does this. And we are the better for it.

So: Move from learning to observation to in-forming from the Self Who is overarching all—God, the One, the All. Let His messages come through to us, through our spirit.

And never fret but that the needed Answer will come.

Dear God,

I know, today, from personal experience that You draw nigh when called. Even though I also know that I am a part of You, I am not always as aware of this truth as I need to be. But today, right now, I do know, and I thank You that this is so.

Tarry with me a while. Let me feel Your soothing balm steal over me, comforting my troubled bosom. Let Your ways become my ways. Let the egoic self stay in the past, taken over entirely by Your Head and Your Heart.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

2 thoughts on “Balm for a Troubled Bosom”

  1. It is very strange, the idea that some people no longer want to see Christ as our Divine Teacher! Why? I wonder if the answer is that some people have been wounded by the idea of a “Teacher,” seeing a “Teacher” as a mean person?? Some people have indeed had mean teachers, in school– so perhaps they cannot accept Christ as their Loving, Divine Teacher, ready to guide them to their highest and best good, in often-mysterious ways, they cannot possibly see nor understand! Well, Christ cannot guide us, unless we have faith and trust in Him! I guess that wounded people need a word of some sort, a word to call Christ by– if not “Teacher,” well, then, another word! Hopefully, people will come to know Christ as Total Love and Goodness, and will not be afraid of Him!!

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