New Being / New Identity

“This is a very “individual” stage in the creative process. “Group think” does not replace the consciousness of the One Self with the “one group self.” This is not a time of being judged or of adopting the beliefs of others but one of finally conquering judgment with neutrality or acceptance. Allowing others to accept you as you are is a gift that releases them from judgment and any notion that may have remained within them that Christ-conscious¬ness is a form of “group think.” Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!” (ACOL, D:Day15.16)

“Being who you are” is a primary theme of A Course of Love. As we think of sharing with our brothers and sisters in the One Self, we might imagine that they will influence us more than will be the case. Jesus concludes this passage with the telling sentence, “Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!” This means that others will not influence us to too great a degree. We retain our individuality.

The “informing of spirit” is a concept that cries out for explanation. The spirit is the One Self, the One Self Who is God Himself, and from Whom we will draw when we are living in Christ-consciousness. The spirit will influence us, of course, and we will be glad of it. We will not try to go it alone any longer; this independence, this autonomy, separate and apart, was an egoic concept best left behind. We will reach deep within and without to find this Self Who is now available to us. We will actively seek His counsel, and we will not be disappointed. Counsel will come. Indeed, our personal choices will end, for we are no longer separate and apart from the Whole. And this Whole will give us a satisfaction in life that has heretofore been veiled from us.

Even though we may join with others to a greater degree, any form of “group think” is literally unthinkable. We are not merging our personal selves with our brothers and sisters. Sure, we are sharing as never before, but this is a circumstance fraught with our free will. We will want to share.

God’s spirit will encompass us and give us peace. This is not so different from what we have known in our better moments of contemplation. The God-Self will be emanate. The God-Self will save us from ourselves when we are about to stumble and fall. We will survive better than ever before; indeed, this new way of being will be the first true living that we have ever known or ever done.

Dear God,

Come close to me now; let me feel You. Let me sense Your Presence in my life. Don’t let me wander astray; don’t let my footsteps veer from the path to You.

You are always with me, and for this I am eternally grateful. True, I am not always conscious of Your Presence, but I aim to be. And maybe, just maybe, that is enough.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “New Being / New Identity”

  1. Celia, wonderfully said, I have lived in his blessing of grace since my surrender, and His spirit leads and inspires me to write of His amazing love. I feel the embrace of His spirit in every word you deliver. God bless!

  2. In these times conquering judgement is essential. How can we all know we are one in Christ consciousness until we see everyone without judging.

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