Sickness Is Rejected Feelings

“Sickness has been defined as rejected feelings, feelings about which consciousness was not chosen. With this rejection, these feelings became physical. What is not of consciousness is of physical form. The rejected feel¬ings that became physical were made separate from the self and yet were maintained within the body, thus interrupting the body’s natural means of functioning. Sickness is not sickness but rejected feelings. The rejected feelings exist as separate and forgotten physical manifestations until they are willfully remembered and accepted back into the spacious Self. Rejected feelings are those for which you blame yourself. Sickness is the form of manifestation of rejected feelings. These manifestations come to you to prove to you what you think you know—that you are responsible for the sorry circumstances of your life.” (ACOL, D:Day16.4)

Only our little, personal self is responsible for the “sorry” circumstances that we encounter. The Self of Whom we are a part—God Himself—is innocent of these deeds. God does not visit us with calamities, though this is a good “out” for us. It won’t work. God is total loving always. He means us well. We, in our ignorance, bring disaster upon ourselves—always it is we who do it.

And this is the case with sickness, though we do not consciously choose sickness (most often). We reject our feelings, instead of inviting them in to our self, our spacious self, to be assimilated in the core of our being. When we reject, not allowing the spacious self to remedy the situation, the result if sickness.

It would be foolish to believe that we will never get sick again. We are not perfect here. We will make mistakes. But it is quite possible to believe—rightly—that sickness will be reduced in incidence for us when we discover how to think properly.

We ought not to chastise ourselves if we become ill. This only adds to our confusion, for none of us believe that we brought the sickness on ourselves. We may have done so, but we can’t accept this. And then we are back to blaming God, certainly a dead end, for God is only love.

If we are sick today, let us first accept the illness, welcoming it back into our spacious selves. This will go a long way toward soothing our minds and our hearts, and keeping the emotional turmoil to minimum will often be healing. It is truly the emotional turmoil that does us in, more often than not. And our emotional turmoil is soothed by prayer to the God Who resides in all of us.

Dear God,

I would feel well today. Right now no illness threatens, but I have had my moments. I pray for a good day today and a good day tomorrow. If illness comes near me, help me to realize that I have been rejecting my feelings, sending them underground where they emerge as symptoms.

Be with me today for a grand day.


3 thoughts on “Sickness Is Rejected Feelings


    Nice read! God does not make us sick. He can use us for good while we are sick.( Romans 8:28)
    So many people blame God for their illness, I don’t understand that, other than it’s easier to blame him when we don’t have an answer to why.


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