Sickness Avoided

“This is what is meant by no escape. No escape does not mean that anyone is bound to the past and to their former pain but that each is still bound to, and affected by, all that has been rejected or ejected. All that has been expelled is part of the wholeness of the self. As what was ejected or rejected and became “real” is returned to the Self, the physical manifestation dissolves, because the source, which was separation, is no more. In other words, illness is no longer observable once what was rejected rejoins the spacious Self. The illness was but is no more. Because it was physical it came only to pass. Because the feeling that generated the physical manifestation was not physical to begin with—was not of the physical world—it returns to its non-physical nature within the spacious Self. Thus it was not escaped but reintegrated into the oneness of the Self.” (ACOL, D:Day16.6)

We need to reintegrate any parts of the Self that we seem to be ejecting or rejecting from our experience. This is basically what the term “spacious,” in referring to the Self, means. By reintegrating ejected and rejected feelings, we will, we are told, actually heal sickness. And what a blessing this will be!

We can’t fully understand what Jesus is saying here until we have experienced it. The next time that illness threatens, get off by ourselves and get quiet. Ask simple questions: Is there anything that we are trying to get out of doing? Is there anything that we aren’t accepting in our lives? Are we rejecting any one in our circle? Have we attempted to eject unwanted feelings? These simple questions, if answered truthfully, will set us on the right course. We can, if we are particularly fortunate, abort the illness entirely.

Reintegration of all that we are experiencing is the primary point. Don’t try to avoid things; just bless them and, if they are bad, let them go on their way. Don’t resist anything, for resistance makes the unwanted strong, determined to stay in our lives. Resistance makes the force field stronger.

Simple inquiry will teach us much about sickness. We have attracted illness to ourselves for a reason, perhaps out of fear itself, and if we are patient with ourselves, we can see an end to it.

Dear God,

I would not attract illness to myself by focusing on it. I would gently turn aside from anything threatening, and let God handle it. He knows best.

Thank you for giving the answer to sickness. I may not always be able to follow in turning aside from illness, but that is my intent.


1 thought on “Sickness Avoided

  1. boozilla

    this made me think about your physical passage of late. i think you are what i have heard referred to as an “anointed healer”….and here you go. more “evidence” if any was needed. which it wasn’t of course but there it is. transmutation R us. or you, anyway. my solar plexus is ROARING right now. oh my. and as you said, one CAN return to center. building the vision….ah well. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


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