Limitless Release & Joy

“What is the drive that kept you reading this Course, caused you to enter this dialogue, kept you examining, kept you attempting to move beyond learning to a new means of knowing? Christ-consciousness. This is why it was said in the beginning pages of the Course that the Christ in you was the learner. The Christ in you is what was created to inspire movement beyond simple awareness to knowing.” (ACOL, D:Day17.4)

This passage is a reminder that the Christ in us is finite, because this Christ-Self is the learner, and an unlimited being would not require learning. We don’t remain satisfied with the Christ-Self solely, though, for we reach inside, deeply, and approach our knowledge from the Self Who is a part of God. We are always intuiting something grander for ourselves. We are always reaching beyond ourselves for what will satisfy. And this is good. We are always moving into ever-expanding circles of greater knowledge, helped along by the universe, and we give up limited ideas about what we can accomplish when we draw on a Higher Power.

The Christ in us is the way that we become aware of knowledge, leaving behind simple perception as being of the ego. Knowledge is of God. Perception is very limited in awareness, but it is all that we had until we left behind egoic thinking, something that we have done now.

Christ-consciousness, even for those who have not reached it, is ever pushing us onward. This state of mind and heart would have us discover far greater things about ourselves than we have heretofore. This state of mind and heart is the closest that we can come on earth to being limitless and full of joy. A thought of limitlessness and pure joy was recommended in A Course in Miracles. Nothing has been said in A Course of Love that contradicts this. We are further released when we transform into what God would have us be: Christ-conscious. This is the ultimate that this life offers us.

Christ-consciousness will come to us when we have become more aware of love. We still, many of us, have blocks to love in our minds and hearts. We need to let this go. And prayer will heal this false thinking very easily. Turn to our God when we are discouraged that enlightenment is taking so long to get here. Turn to God, and live as He would advise. Indeed, He will give us advice on how to live as a free offer. And His way always works.

Dear God,

I would keep my thinking flowing in and out of Your thought today. A movement to and from Your Godhead, keeping me close to Your Heart.

Be with me for a continuation of this good day. Be with me as I seek to draw on Your knowledge as to how to live my life.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

One thought on “Limitless Release & Joy”

  1. Celia, what wonderful posts on joy, release and freedom from the ego. Christ consciousness of course goes by many names. the eternal soul part of the universal soul is one. When we are ablke to communicate with it, no easy task as the Gita says, we can cast away the false self the ego which is material and not spiritual, but necessary for ‘beginners’ These days i get great joy doing Mantras thousands of years old which help in connecting with the universal essence, the goddess of creation and the land of the spirit. my past five posts are about the miracles that such recitation can produce. Do visit and comment with your wisdom and spiritual experience. We are fellow travellers seeking the great truth lying hidden within us.

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