Remove the Blocks to Love’s Awareness

“There have always been individuals who challenged the predominant patterns of learning because of the strength of their connection to Christ-consciousness. While no one has more access to Christ-consciousness than another, some exhibited more willingness to let that consciousness be their guiding force—that by which their being gained movement and expression. Those like Jesus, who fully expressed Christ-consciousness in form, did so as individuals, by not negating their being as they realized this connection. Many others with realization of Christ-consciousness as strong as that of the man, Jesus, did not express that realization but negated the individual in favor of the “spiritual.” (ACOL, D:Day17.5)

We are not to negate our individual self, our wants and needs, in trying to become something that we really can’t, anyway: “spiritual” in the sense, I think, that we become self-righteous. Self-righteousness is always a mistake; it is not a mistake any larger or grander than any other, or any harder to counter. Jesus will answer our needs, and if we have veered into the self-righteous, the false “spiritual,” then he will see that the mistake gets corrected. There is nothing to fear, now or ever.

There have always, we are told, been individuals who let Christ-consciousness become a guiding force, and this is apparently before Christ-consciousness took them over as their predominant frame of mind. Now we are living anew, and Christ-consciousness is available to more and more of us. Jesus hopes that we will sustain this new place in our psyche. Sustenance of Christ-consciousness in affected people is the great need of our world today.

Remember that to reach the point of being Christ-conscious, one must remove blocks to love’s awareness. These blocks are mentioned at the very beginning of A Course in Miracles, which was the predecessor of A Course of Love. These blocks will keep us from our desires. They will keep us from welcoming God back into His place as central to our lives. We must not let this happen. We must fall in line with God’s directives and let Him place enlightenment foremost in our minds and hearts.

Jesus did it right in his lifetime. Now he is seeking to guide us to “do it right.” Let him.

Dear God,

I would listen to your words and possibly the words of Jesus: “Please take notes.” I immediately went to my laptop computer, opened this document, and started typing. I was conscious of a Higher Power at work in my work. Thank You.

Be with me to allow me access to a greater Mind and Heart. I would open my heart today to You, feel Your warmth (as always), and join in thanksgiving that You love me enough to guide me truly.


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