Jesus & Mary

“The way of Jesus represented full-scale interaction with the world, demonstrating the myth of duality, the death of form, the resurrection of spirit. The way of Mary represented incarnation through relationship, demonstrating the truth of union, the birth of form, and the ascension of the body. Both ways were necessary. Both ways were necessarily represented or demonstrated. Both ways were represented and demonstrated by many other individuals as well. The way was a choice.” (ACOL, D:Day17.10)

A Course of Love describes two symbiotic “ways”: the way of Jesus and the way of Mary, his mother. They are intertwined ways, each needing the other, just as Jesus and Mary “needed” each other. Jesus interacted with the world; elsewhere he says that he was an “example life.” Mary associated, in relationship, with those closest to her, which of course included her son Jesus. As time passes, all of us will move into the realm that Mary enjoyed. We will not attempt to make ourselves example lives, interacting with the world as a whole, but will act in our relationships to fulfill our purpose. Of course, the world will change very much once this alteration is in effect, in ways that we cannot predict (and we should not try to predict).

Jesus makes apparent his distaste for competitive ways, though he acknowledges that when there are two ways, the impulse to compete may be great. Instead, the new and best way to interact is actually an old way, freshly considered, and that best way is cooperation. When we see that the ways of Jesus and Mary need each other, that they are naturally symbiotic, we can easily see that cooperation among those of us called to different ways is essential.

What will the way of Mary look like? That we can’t yet tell, though it is possible that there are enlightened individuals in our circle who represent this way. We can imagine that it is a total disregard for notoriety in the world, a focus on family and friends, a loving gesture toward our relationships. It is a tantalizing glimpse of the future when Jesus tells us that eventually all of us will move into the way of Mary.

Dear God,

I would focus on my relationships today, even though I reach out in the world also. I would play one way against the other, seeking to actualize the best in me. Be with me as I seek to do this. Actualization of my personality is advantageous as I walk the pathway back to You.

The way to You is not, as I have repeated said, not hard. It demands close attention to the best that we know, a wholehearted approach to living Your way. May I listen to Your guidance, wholeheartedly, today.


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