Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

“Thus we enter the ending stage of what can be realized through fulfillment of the way of Jesus and the beginning of the fulfillment of the way of Mary. This ending stage of the fulfillment of the way of Jesus is the stage of interaction with the world, the time of miracles, the death of the old way and the birth of the new.” (ACOL, D:Day17.13)

What a fantastic time we live in! Interaction with the world. Miracles. The death of the old way and birth of the new. This is the ending stage of the time of the way of Jesus, heading into a new way, Mary’s way, which emphasizes relationship above all else.

We are interacting with the world now, but as we move into the new, the manner of this interaction will alter. We will find that as the world changes and then is created anew, our preoccupations with the world will be different. We won’t care so much what other people think of us. We will know a new invulnerability, an invulnerability that is fostered by the enlightenment, the Christ-consciousness, that more and more of us are reaching. Because we feel ourselves protected by our new thoughts, and we don’t experience the drama of egotism, we will not only feel, but be, invulnerable. Our neuroses as well will fall away. There is just no counting all the good that awaits us.

We are in a time of miracles. There will eventually be a movement into not needing miracles, but we are not there yet. Miracles will soothe our spirit and warm our heart. Miracles are given between equals, encouraged by Jesus and ordered by him. He tells us in A Course in Miracles that miracles themselves ought to be involuntary, and that we ought not to attempt them, ourselves, unless we have been led by him. He knows what will work and what won’t. His knowledge is comprehensive.

And we head into a new way. Not all of us will make it right away; some will remain stuck in the way of Jesus for quite some time now. This does not matter. We all have our part to play. Ask our guidance what the part is for us.

And we will hear.

Dear God,

When I follow Your guidance, I don’t at first know how things will turn out, and I sometimes get surprises. But I also get a strange sense of relief, if I have been wandering down a pathway that isn’t right for me. You quickly let me know the difference. And for that I am very grateful.

When I feel that sense of relief, I am quietly joyous, knowing that I am in good hands, Your Hands. You offer me a solace that nothing and nobody in this world can offer, for only You can see into my heart. Help me to relax in Your care today. And every day.


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