Inner & Outer Essence

“Mary represents the relationship that occurs within, Jesus the relationship that occurs with the world. So do each of you. These two ways also represent God and Christ-consciousness, the extension of God. God is everything in heaven and on earth and is in everything on heaven and on earth. Thus, God represents the world without. Christ-consciousness is God within you, your particular manifestation of God and relationship with the God within.” (ACOL, D:Day18.2)

Our Christ-consciousness, when it comes to us, is represented of the inner person. There is another way to see God besides being the innermost part of each of us. He is also the relationship that we enjoy with each other and with the world itself, nature. God knows Himself in relationship to the All, the One, the differentiated Parts of Himself that make up the cosmos and everything in it. And when we understand the representations of Mary and Jesus, we will see more completely. Mary represents the inner aspect, the Christ-consciousness that will reign in each of us. Jesus represents the relationships, the outer aspect, that we know in reaching out to our brothers and sisters. And God is in both the inner and the outer.

We don’t need to get hung up on which of the two representations, Mary or Jesus, we embody the most. We are a blend of each, though normally one will of the representations will predominate. When we live like Mary, we focus on our inner essence and how that inner essence relates to others in our lives. When we live like Jesus, we interact with the larger world, focusing on sometimes being an example of what others can emulate. There is no grounds for competition between these two aspects. Indeed, in Jesus’s A Course of Love, there is no grounds for competition ever, in anything.

As time passes, and new generations are born on this earth, all will eventually choose the way of Mary in living out their lives. This will be a heartwarming way to live, for focusing on the inner naturally allows the warmth of God to be predominant. We will not get caught in trying to accomplish achievements in the outer world that will be unsatisfying, ultimately. We will live from within, and in this living out of our lives, we will know that inner peace extends outward to our relationships with our brothers and sisters. This is a more advanced way of living, and it is interesting and fruitful that God gave this assignment to the divine feminine.

Dear God,

I would think on Mary and her place in history today. She knew the inner essence of You, and she submerged herself in relationships. Knowing that this is something that all people will eventually do in their incarnations is advantageous to us in this one. As we discover now, we will play out tomorrow. And well will be the result.

Thank You for letting me sense Your warmth today. I believe that Mary also felt Your warmth, especially when things turned dire for her son.



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