We Were Lost

“To be an example life is to be what you represent in truth. Followers of all faiths are called to example lives and to representation of the same truth. All faith is faith in the unknown through knowing, as a glimpse of fleeting light in darkness provides for a knowing of light.” (ACOL, D:Day18.5)

Here Jesus makes it clear that his life was not something unique, but he had an “example life” that was akin to example lives that occur in all faiths. Elsewhere, he does indicate that he can lead us home in a way that nobody else can, because he is in charge of the Atonement, something that we can interpret to mean as not being only relevant to Christianity. The Atonement is the “undoing” of what never was—the separation.

We believe that we fell from grace, but this is actually illusory. Illusions have great power in the egoic frame of mind, though, and we must find a way out of them, something that may be very difficult to do. The Atonement is a shortcut, set in time to lead out of time, and Jesus is in charge of this shortcut. His way will eliminate from our mind and heart the illusions that have taken up residence there.

We are heading into the light. Light need only shine on darkness to eliminate the darkness. Darkness does not have to be “destroyed” through violence. The light comes, and then the dream that we have been living just disappears as a mist might disappear when the sun rises. Our own sun is rising now, as we prepare for Christ-consciousness and the spiritual sight, vision, that this will begin in us.

When we have reached Christ-consciousness, we will “know” in a way that has not been possible earlier. Earlier we only perceived, and in a glass darkly. Our perceptions were fraught with the machinations of the ego, and so we couldn’t see clearly at all. We were lost.

But now we have a pathway back to God and resplendent reality. Our lives will take on new meaning as we put into practice the tenets of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. We won’t need to ask so many questions in our prayers; we will simply and concretely know, and in our prayers we will commune with the Knower Himself.

Dear God,

I like that word “commune,” as describing the best kind of prayer I can have with You. When my mind and heart are calm, I sense Your Presence and am grateful for You in a way that eludes me when I am about busy work in the world. Remind me to give You time every day. Remind me to sink deep within, as close to You as I can come. You are always there for me. You soothe me with Your Presence, and it is this soothing quality that lets me know that I have made conscious contact.

Thank You.



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