Poised on the Brink of a New World

“The new visual pattern is that of spirit resurrected in form. It is the ascension of the body, or elevation of the self of form. You are called to demonstrate this pattern. The choice is to demonstrate this pattern through interaction with the world, or through incarnation through relationship. Neither is exclusive. Both are contained within the other.” (ACOL, D:Day18.10)

Here Jesus explains further that the way of Jesus—interaction with the world—and the way of Mary—incarnation through relationship—are to be enacted in the new world that we are creating, a new world in which we will enjoy not only Christ-consciousness, but Christ-consciousness through an elevated form for our Self, i.e., the elevated Self of form.

We remain in our bodies on this earth, but they are figuratively transformed into something much grander than we have known in the past. We are literally creating a new something, a new incarnation for God, by elevated our physical selves to an entity that draws on God’s power while retaining our own inner Christ-Self, the Self who had been a learning being.

In this new time, the new Self will discover (not “learn”), and we will share our newfound knowledge with any brother or sister who expresses interest. We can only grow, in this new world, by sharing what we know and discovering, through others, what they know. We can’t depend any longer on the learned wisdom of the past, a wisdom that spoke well to an earlier era, but no longer fits for ourselves.

The era that we occupy is an exciting time. We are poised on the brink of the new world about which Jesus has said so much in A Course of Love. We best ask for advice/guidance about how to proceed. Otherwise, our best efforts could conceivably go awry.

If we let the ego remain in the past, we will be more likely to follow God’s direction, with full direct communication with him, in this new world. To backtrack and form a new ego would be genuinely tragic. We can’t let that happen, and so we choose not to fall into the egotistical trap. We don’t think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think. We are “special agents,” as the new edition of A Course in Miracles (from the Circle of Atonement) says, and we ought only to seek that appellation, nothing more.

Dear God,

Stay by me as I seek to have a proper appreciation for my life and all that is in it. My gratitude overwhelms me sometimes, as I see miracles—or what I perceive as miracles—working in and around me. Thank You for your confidence in my ability to follow promptings in my life and my writing. I can still get it wrong, but I aim to get it right. And with that intention, I have Your blessing.

Thank You.



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