Mary’s Way: “A Way of Living”

“The key here is discernment between true contentment and denial. Although this is overly simplified, you might think of this as the artist being content in creating art, the musician in creating music, the healer in creating health. Those of the way of Mary are content with a way of living. Yet everyone has a function to fulfill in creation of the new world. Only those who express themselves are truly content.” (ACOL, D:Day19.2)

All of us have talents in this world, and they are unequal, because we are in this world. In eternity, all talents will be shared in equality, but we are not there yet. So: It behooves us to use our talents for the movement toward salvation of all. We will then be expressing ourselves, as the individuals depicted in this passage are expressing themselves. If we are of the way of Mary, we will be content with a way of living in this world. That, expressed in relationships, will be our contribution. And Jesus says in A Course of Love that we are heading into the time in which all will express themselves as Mary did, when a “way of living” will be all that is asked of us.

Mary’s way is being more than doing; Jesus’s way is doing more than being. The two, in this time and place, complement each other. One could not succeed without the other, and so there is no room for disagreement or competition between these two ways.

It is very inviting to think that a “way of living” would be all that would be asked of us. Those of us who strive and struggle in today’s workaday work might well envy the place that our children and grandchildren will occupy. But there are many today called to the way of Mary, and if you are one of them, you know yourself. Let nobody downplay this role; it is vital. Jesus’s way could not hold sway without the anchor of relationships that those of the way of Mary occupy. It is just that simple.

Dear God,

Let any of us of the way of Mary take heart. The same for those of the way of Jesus. Relationships as well as actions in this world are needed. I would seek to find my place and occupy it wholeheartedly.

Be with me today as I walk into a new world. Most of us don’t feel quite ready for that new world, but it is already upon us. And I would do well to accept this new world.


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