“All are called to become, but some must “do” in order to “become.” Those called to the way of Mary are not required to do in the sense of fulfilling a specific function that will become manifest in the world, but are required to do in the sense of receiving, sharing, and being what they are asked to become.” (ACOL, D:Day19.10)

In this passage we find a clear explanation for the way of Mary. Those called to her way don’t “do” in sense of achievement, and therefore “becoming,” but that receive, share, and just “be” in the world, and in those actions then “become.” In some ways aspirants of Mary’s way have a tougher time than do the followers of the way of Jesus. Doing is more associated with the ego that we have left behind, but the patterns of the ego, for some of us, still remain. And so Jesus’s “doing” is more familiar. We have the experience to “do.”

Mary’s sounds like the easier pathway, but I think it calls for interpersonal skills that most of us have not yet developed. As time passes, and we become used to Christ-consciousness, we will develop those skills. But it takes patience in the meantime to let events, emotions, actions unfold.

Remember that the ways of Mary and of Jesus are complimentary and symbiotic. We discover the way that things are by interacting with all manner of people, people called to both ways.

And when we have done that, we can rest assured that we are on the right pathway for each of us.

Dear God,

I think, for the time being at least, that I am following both the way of Jesus and the way of Mary. Jesus says that this is a choice for many of us. I ask that You guide me to get it right. I ask that You take me by the hand, hug me, and reassure me. Jesus’s embrace in A Course of Love means a lot to me.

May this day go well. I ask to let no anxieties intrude. May I remain at peace all through the day, invoking the way of Jesus, when needed, and the way of Mary, when needed.

Thank You.


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