The Unknown

“You have realized now your relationship with the unknown and ceased to fear it. You are, perhaps, even eager now, to move beyond the known to the unknown. You are perhaps eager without fully realizing that this eagerness symbolizes a true ending—an ending within you and within your reality—an ending within your conscious awareness. A true end of learning.

“This is the first transition, the transition in which you really “get it” that the unknown cannot be taught, laid out on a map, or shown to you by another.” (ACOL, D:Day20.2 – Day 20.3)

We are traveling in new territory now. Even our way of getting guidance has changed. It is now a matter of quietness, a quiet knowing, whereas previously we felt nudged by the Holy Spirit. Our Christ-Self, on whom we depend now, is gentle in approach, gentle as this entity leads us on into the unknown. But, of course, there is no need at all for fear of the unknown. The universes are friendly, as Einstein was fond of saying, suggesting that deciding that the cosmos was friendly was the most important decision that anybody could ever make.

I have stressed that now is the time to let go of the learned authorities of the past, learned authorities that said good things for their day, but their day has passed. We are living in the time of Christ now, according to Jesus, as channeled in A Course of Love. And we discover (not “learn”) first through observation of others and the world around us, including nature, and then we move to being informed by the universe as a whole. And this universe as a whole includes the Self Who is God, of Whom we are a part. We are open to His guidance now, whereas during the time of the Holy Spirit, we were afraid of God, afraid to approach Him directly. Now we know that the universe, and the God Who created it, is a friendly sort of Entity, the One differentiated into the many. We have a direct line to God now; our previous fears about Him have been laid aside. And when we approach the God Who is living through us, we are well our way to abundant life. Our minds and hearts are uplifted, and so the law of attraction (like attracts like) means that we get on the frequency of all that is good.

We march into the unknown with heads lifted high. Nothing can stop us now, for we are on God’s Frequency. He loves us; He has taught us to love. And this love informs our days with a sweetness that we will not abandon.

Dear God,

Thank You for taking me by the hand and leading me into a better life. My life unfolds with Your blessings conferred on me, and for this I am thankful.

Help me always to be mindful of staying under your Wing. The truth that You mean all good for me reassures me now and warms my heart.

Thank You.



One thought on “The Unknown

  1. David

    The Unknown
    by Celia Hales
    “You have realized now your relationship with the unknown and ceased to fear it.

    This is one of the most crucial realizations on our spiritual journey to Truth.

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