We Express God Uniquely

“You might think of yourself as a channel through which union with God is expressed and made real here and now. There is no other time. There is no “higher” self waiting to do what only you can do. There is no one else who knows what you know the way you know it or who can express the unknown in the way that you can express it. The unknown can only be made known through reception and expression. Call it what you will for what you call it matters not. Throw out all the words that express the unknown in ways that you would not, and find your own. Each way is needed.” (ACOL, D:Day22.10)

We are herewith encouraged to be unique in our expression of godliness. Jesus wants us to express our direct relationship with God in any way that seems suited to us, right to us. Each of us will say and do different things in this world, and he indicates that all of these varying ways are needed.

We can make a difference. It is entirely up to us what we say or do, or even think, that will make this difference. God deals differently with each of us. He knows what is best suited to our temperament and our personality.

Ask Him to guide us. He will do it, though, because He is speaking through the Self of which we are a part, we may think that it is just ourselves making the decision. Guidance now is very quiet and in no way seems to be imposed from without.

Of course, guidance was never imposed from without anyway. The Holy Spirit is a part of us, too. But we were more held back by our ego in times past. And so the ways of the Holy Spirit did not seem as natural to us as the guidance from the Christ-Self does now.

Be with us today. Be with us everyday. We must do nothing to mar this bond that we now have with God, this direct relationship. Fears are from the past, not to touch us now.

Dear God,

Be with me as I seek guidance from my Self, the Self Whom You share with me. You are living through me, lest I forget this truth of the cosmos. Keep me gentle. Keep me safe. Let me do Your will, which is mine as well, today and always.



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