Joy without Sorrow

“Remember only the feeling that a place of union exists in which you know God, in which you know love, in which you know of joy without sorrow, and life everlasting. This is the great unknown that you can make known.” (ACOL, D:Day22.11)

We are encouraged to make known the joy coming into our lives. “Joy without sorrow” has been an unknown for us, for in egoic thinking, the highs were always matched by the lows, the high and low of drama. Now life is smoothing out for us. We know a serene peace that embraces everything we experience.

It is true that at first we may not be used to peace, and we may think that this new serenity is actually a form of depression. It is not. It is being on an even keel, and we are unused to even keels. Dramatic events—anger, attack, hostility, followed by relative calm—have characterized our lives. Now we know better. We know that these negative emotions simply separate us from God, and He is our Life. Now we know that calm peace is the best.

We can still know flights of joy. We are not condemned to a placid existence, for who would want that? But we will know the peace of quietness, and when we truly experience this peace, we will know that it is the peace that passeth understanding. It is this that we are to encourage in our brothers and sisters.

We know that we want love in our lives. And this peace brings it to us, just all the time. We are living union with God. We have come home.

Dear God,

Thank You for soothing me when I get uptight. This feeling that You induce is a great blessing. I never want to lose it. This is my peace, the peace that I have longed to know—with love—for eons. And now it is mine for the asking.

It is a good time to be in the time of Christ. I long to know all that this new era holds out for me. Lean close to me, and tell me.

Thank You.


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