Forget Not Who You Are

“Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and thus you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life everlasting. You must be this. A Course of Love gave you the under¬standing you needed in order to realize that you are this. The Treatises gave you a way to apply this understanding. This dialogue is meant to give you the means to carry what you have been given.” (ACOL, D:Day23.1)

Jesus here gives a phrase for each of the books in the volume, A Course of Love. This will ground us in where we are. And we are here to live a different sort of life—love without fear, joy without sorrow, life everlasting.

The way to do this is through sharing in cooperation. Many of us grew up being very competitive; I know that I did. But love without fear, joy without sorrow, life everlasting—all are sharing concepts for a cooperative life with our brothers and sisters. And this is what we are meant to live.

We certainly will be much happier in cooperative living, in sharing. We are here to make ideas like this real to us and to others. We are meant to be informed by the Self (God Himself), and we will then be led, ever so gently, into sharing these concepts from ACOL with others. Our way ahead is very promising. We certainly won’t miss competition at all.

A Course of Love, the first book, was a teaching text, and the Treatises continued this. But the Dialogues are only sharing chapters. Jesus steps down as our teacher, and instead becomes our companion and partner in life. He is always with us, if we ask. Nobody on earth knows how this is possible, but he says it in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, and I, for one, believe him.

Be grateful that it is so. And spread the good news among our circle of friends and family—when they express a desire to know what has changed us. Before expressing that desire, they are not ready, and we should respect their reticence.

Dear God,

Competition was never a good idea. Sharing in cooperation is. And it is this latter point that I would live out today. I would embrace love without fear, joy without sorrow, life everlasting. I would embrace the new ideas that Jesus is giving to me.

Be with me today as I seek to follow a straight pathway that has no stone upon which to dash my foot.

Thank You.



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