“While you looked outwardly for signposts to guide you, the self-guidance of inner-sight was not developed.” (ACOL, D:Day27.3)

How many of us used to look for “signs” to give us a clue about what to do next? Of course, some of this behavior was (and is) superstitious, but some of it, too, was right in line with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. We did learn from outward sources, other people, lines in books, overheard comments, etc.

But now we are bidden to look within, just within. Our sense of rightness about the next step that we will take is what will guide us. We will not even necessarily have an “intuition” about this; instead, the knowing is quieter. The knowing is where the action is. We are no longer perceiving what to do; we are knowing, and knowing is a revelation from God.

So we look to inner-sight for our guidance. This new way of knowing may seem confusing at first. We may want the comfort an old-fashioned intuition that we perceive is coming from the Holy Spirit. But the age of the Holy Spirit has passed, and with this, our way of obtaining guidance changes. We are now living in the age of Christ, as we read in A Course of Love. We are able to see and do things that previously eluded us. And one of those things is a new way of getting guidance.

When we depend upon the Self, it is important to note that we are not depending on the personal, or little, self. To do so would be a grave mistake. This Self is the Christ-Self Who has emerged into our personality as we have walked further back to God. This Self draws upon the Godhead (which I have called the “larger” Self).

In the new way, we get mystical insight as a matter of course. We walk a sure path. Life is good. And our way back to God appears clear and understandable to us.

Dear God,

I would follow Your way back to You. Is this not what You have wanted for eons? And now many of us are on the brink of a new discovery, how to live peaceably in a world made new.

The new world will be created by us—yes, us! We don’t know how it will look, but we do get glimpses into our awareness. And all of it is good.

Thank You.



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