The Mountain Came to Us

“Now you are asked to apprehend—to understand, and to hold within your conscious mind—this situation that you find yourself in, this new rela¬tionship that you have with yourself and with life. You quite literally have a new way of seeing. You might think of this initially as having two perspec¬tives, an internal and an external perspective, a human perspective and a spiritual perspective, a perspective from level ground and a mountain top perspective. Your descent from the mountain top will not mean that you no longer have the perspective gained there. You did not “go” to the mountain. The mountain came to you.” (ACOL, D:Day27.7)

Yes, the mountain came to us—this journey in the midst of our regular lives. We are living a new life now, because our guidance is coming from the Christ-Self who dwells within each of us. We are depending on guidance that is very quiet, and so can be missed if we are not listening carefully. We need to listen carefully.

It is indeed a new relationship to ourselves and to life. A glorious new relationship. We can discover much about life by spending some time every day in quiet contemplation. We need to let go of our neuroses. And that means that we don’t fret about the past nor the future; we live in the calm present, where everything is true peace.

Jesus did not have us remove ourselves from life while we went to the mountaintop, because he would have us live both a spiritual dimension and a secular one in real life. We have to engage with the world that we see, and this means that all of us need to retain a secular perspective as well as newly understand our spiritual orientation. We have changed greatly on this journey; now we settle down and try to understand these changes.

We will not be disappointed. The spiritual will at times so overwhelm the secular that we see with new eyes; our vision is cleansed. So the world we see will be different. We will quite literally no longer see the pain and suffering AS pain and suffering. We will see its unreality. We will empathize with those who are going through hard times, but we will not take those hard times unto our own experience.

Our pathway is serene. And by walking a serene path, we encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same.

Dear God,

Be with me on this busy day. I would take each minute as it comes, not barrel ahead to the next minute. I would live in the present, not borrow trouble from either the past or the future.

Thank You for Your presence with me today. I don’t say this often. Let me remedy that oversight today.



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