Loving in a New State of Being

“This is what we move toward as we practice participating in two levels of experience simultaneously. We practice experiencing the constant and the variable as one. We practice experiencing the constant and the variable together. We practice in order to move toward an experience of variability within wholeness rather than within separation. It can be done.

“Life, your humanity, is the variability. Spirit, your oneness, is the constant. Life is oneness extended into separation and variability through experience. The elevated Self of form will be the expression of new life lived within the constant of wholeness but continuing to experience the variability of separation. This is what you practice as you gather on the mountain top while remaining on level ground.” (ACOL, D:Day27.14 – 27.15)

What will life be like, on earth, in form, but knowing the Oneness of Christ-consciousness and therefore being the elevated Self of form? We will be discrete beings, of course, but we will feel the unity of sharing with our brothers and sisters in a way that we have never heretofore experienced. In the egoic state of mind, we thought that we had to be competition with other people, and we did not often see them as the brothers and sisters whom they are.

Now, we know better. No longer in competition, we are in cooperation, for sharing is the hallmark of our new state of being, and sharing is cooperation. We love better, of course, more deeply and more people. Our horizons have widened. Before, we chose a certain few, an ever-varying certain few, to love. Now we know that special love is inferior, and we seek to expand our love to all with whom we come in contact.

This does not mean physical promiscuity, of course. This is not what is being described when we say “love.” Our love may, according to A Course of Love, include much physical expression with our nearest and dearest significant other, but love has a mystical component that elevates our experiences above simply the physical. We love deeply in Christ-consciousness, and we love well. We don’t employ guilt in our relationship any longer, for guilt undoes everything. Our dramatic highs and lows, so prevalent during egotism, have smoothed out in Christ-consciousness. Often we are perfectly calm and quiet.

We share, we experience deep love, and we grow together as we create a new world. Ever-expanding into a new life, we derive our stability from our relationship to God, the Self of Whom we are a part.

Dear God,

I look forward to the future, but first I live in the present, very, very deeply. I enjoy the others who cross my path. This way that You have pointed out to me, through Jesus, is good indeed.

Thank You for the insights. I would draw them close to my heart today.



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