Directed by Our Own Lights

“At one time there seemed to be little or no choice between staying engaged in an externally directed life and removing oneself from life. This may have seemed to be an either/or proposition and thus one of limitation. Moving from an externally directed to an internally directed experience of life creates unlimited choices. The unlimited choices of internally directed experience are what you must begin to face as we begin our descent from the mountain top.” (ACOL, D:Day28.1)

We need to reach within as we make decisions. This focus, within, is very different from the way that we used to behave. Our ego had us looking for reinforcement from the others in our life. Other people became the deciders of what we did, because whether we tried to love them or attack them, still we looked to them before we made our next decision.

Now Jesus would change all of this. Of course, now we love and don’t attack others. But, also important is the fact that we derive our guidance from the Self, reaching down to the newly available subconscious mind/heart to make our decisions.

This new inner direction is good for several reasons. We are not jerked about so much, for one. Previously, we never knew what would happen next, and we cringed, often, in anticipation. When we lean on Self for guidance, we are on sure footing. And this makes all the difference.

Our internal direction will see us on the final paces home, and home means that we are in Heaven on earth, with God very much a part of our life. We will have walked the whole footpath, and we will be ready to work with others to change/create a new world.

Such internally directed experiences will save us. And save others with whom we come in contact, for our inner direction will foster their inner direction. They will see that we have something they want, and in the best of all possible worlds, they will ask us what has created the change.

Dear God,

I would listen to my interior today. I would listen to my interior all of my days, from now on out. Inner direction comes from You, and for this inner direction I am grateful.

Help me to reach out to others, to encourage them to follow their own lights. This is the best way, and Jesus has led me to see it.


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