Who Is in Control?

“Depending on the circumstances of your life, one of these two attitudes will have a reverse side that will have a greater hold on you. Your life may have shown you that you are not in control in many ways and at many times. Therefore, you think that you must take what life has to “give.” This is most likely the attitude of those whose major life dilemmas have been of a mone¬tary or career nature, where success or failure “in life” is seen as the most crucial element of a happy life.” (ACOL, D:Day28.13)

We are looking now at what has a “hold” on us as we seek to live a grander life, a Christ-consciousness. This first way of being exemplifies those of us who have been career-oriented. We have looked to success to define us.

“If the attitude you will have greater need of reversing is that of God determining the circumstances of your life, you have probably been more affected by the relationships of life, by loss or death of loved ones, by acci¬dents, or illness, or “natural” disasters, by the unexplainable forces that have affected you with sadness more so than with ideas of success or failure. Therefore, you think that you must take what God has to “give.”” (ACOL, D:Day28.14)

If we have been most affected by “acts of God,” then we will blame Him for the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We see here that neither of these two attitudes is actually true. What “life” or “God” has to give does not really mean anything. We need to realize that we have not been suspect to forces outside ourselves. Life does not treat us as a puppet; neither does God.
Our way back to Him will give up these magical ways of thinking. We need to realize that we are in the driver’s seat, and always have been. The new way of Christ-consciousness will occur only when we are ready, and we are ready when we realize that our own choice determines when God will act to lift us up.

Our way back to God is blessed by Him. Let us proceed, knowing that we hold the reins of life. We remove the blocks in the way of Christ-consciousness, and when we remove these blocks, we will find ourselves blessed indeed.

Dear God,

I am ready to affirm that my life has always been driven by choices that I made. Now I would surrender, once again, totally and completely, into Your hands. This choice I give freely, knowing that You won’t take anything away from me. You let me have my choices, and You give freely.

I will rest easy now. My most important decision has been made.


2 thoughts on “Who Is in Control?

  1. ellem63

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately of Jesus telling us that he came so that we may have life in abundance (John 10:10) and so your post is tremendously encouraging to me. I very much agree with you in that God does not control us like puppets and that he allows us the freedom to make our own choices, that we can move closer to him or walk away. I affirm that I take the responsibility for my choices and that is to stay close to God.

  2. Krista

    I have been a long-time subscriber to Jon Mundy’s Miracles magazine and just saw an article by you! I love ACIM and ACOL. Nice to connect with you! Love your posts!


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