Eternity Experienced

“Our “time” on the mountain would be more rightly described as “time outside of time.”

““Time outside of time” by itself will not cause the shift that needs to occur, however. What will create the shift is the ability to experience “time outside of time” and “time” simultaneously. Thus is the “wholeness” of time, or eternity, experienced and made real.” (ACOL, D:Day28.19 – Day 28.20)

Jesus seems to be saying that we will be in the world, but not of it. In time, but not of it. In eternity as well as in time.

This will be a balancing act, but a good one. He talks in A Course in Miracles about there being a way to be in the world, but more serene, and those who are like us, recognize their own. But others, who have not understood, will see us also, and think that we are like we have always been.

That is the place that we want to go in this time, and time outside of time.

We will experience eternity made real, as Jesus says. We will be in a good place emotionally. And we will gradually attract those who do recognize that something about us has changed. And they will ask what is different. And then our tongues will be loosed, and we will tell them.

Pray to be a good witness.

Dear God,

I ask to be a good witness today. I will be out and about, but I also ask to be a good witness at home. It makes such a difference.

I seek to be in the world but not of it today. May this prayer be heard and given an affirmative response.

Thank You.


4 thoughts on “Eternity Experienced

  1. Chrissy

    Hi Celia,

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. Your blog is mentioned amongst the nominees in my blog #50 regarding this award topic.


    Chrissy (from Simply Chrissy Blog)


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