Spirit Self and Human Self

“Your ‘self’ will no longer be divided into a spirit Self and a human self, living under different conditions, at times complementing and at times opposing one another. Just as mind and heart became one in wholehearted¬ness and ended the conflict induced by their seeming separation, the spirit and the human self must now do so also.” (ACOL, D:Day29.2)

This is a good passage, I think. Our spirit self and human self combine in the Self, and in this combination, this merging, all is well.

We can look back to our experience of letting the heart merge with the mind, and we can note how much better we felt. Now we are doing another merger. And the benefits will be great.

It is good to have a whole Self navigating our ways, a very good experience. When we slip into our very human ways, we can see that we just regroup and try again. We can retry as often as need be.

When Christ-consciousness comes into play, the oscillations will settle down.

Dear God,

I long for a solid and secure footing of the Christ-Self to guide me. This does happen for me, but it is not a steady thing. I would make it steady today, as much as it is within my power.

The Self knows how to guide me. My gratitude for this is immense. Thank You.



4 thoughts on “Spirit Self and Human Self

  1. But the manual for teahers says we practice perfection until we achieve it then are seen no more. I figure that what this passage is referring to is perfection in love over ego, so if we get to this self we go poof. But then our thoughts and love live on for others…… Just a thought

    1. I remember this passage from ACIM. A Course of Love doesn’t say this, but that doesn’t mean it denies it, either. We are to live in the elevated Self of form, and we can return to the earth plane if we wish, according to ACOL.

      Our options are expanded here.

      Love, Celia

  2. Dear Celia – I have come to realize that all this suffering our fellow human beings are going thru, and even the violence and hatred have been sent to show us lessons we still have not learned as a species, and each time the lesson comes around again, seeking to be realized and healed, the stakes get higher. I have seen before in my own life, how God uses everything to ultimately bless us, and uses even the most unwilling minds as teachers for the rest of us. Each day I remind myself to be grateful, which is easy when I see the truth, that God/Life returns to us what we give to each other. This is an immutable law. As long as we love instead of hate, we will be safe and loved. This is very hard sometimes, for me, to love and forgive the haters. But we all have our work to do, in the practce of our faith. I continue to try, to help, and to support all who try to love instead of hate.

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