Being Everything We Are

“As you realize by now, all this talk of accomplishment is merely about bringing forward what already exists into the reality in which you exist. Another way of saying this is bringing who you are into wholeness, which can be interpreted both as bringing all that you are into existence and as bringing all that you are into existence in union.” (ACOL, D:Day29.4)

Everything—all possibilities—already exist in the cosmos, in God. Jesus has repeated called us “The Accomplished,” and while this has seemed overblown, and we haven’t understood, it is making more sense now that we are coming to the end of A Course of Love. We already exist in the Self as The Accomplished; this is the larger Self Who is God Himself. Now we need to intuit how to bring the accomplishments of our part of this Self to our entity, the Christ-Self who finds a home in our entity on earth.

This means, as Jesus says here, that we will be whole once again. Our foibles will fall away. We will know a “knowing” that is beyond anything comprehended before. Existing in union with the Whole, with God Himself, we will accomplish what has not be possible previously. We are in a good place now.

What is “all that we are”? It is the epitome of living as an accomplished being, a being in Christ-consciousness who knows, finally, that all of that emphasis on separation from God was indeed an illusion. How could we leave Him when we are part and parcel of Him? How could we ever imagine that He has abandoned His own?

Abandonment, and the belief in abandonment, is sheer idiocy with no truth to it at all. We can know this when we surrender our entity to God, and then we re-surrender each day, and then we know the blessing of union.

Dear God,

I re-surrender now, right now. I know from experience that the act of surrendering sets my little world aright. I would have a “right” world today. Be with me that I might experience the fullness of Your Being, lodged in me.

I have a glorious destiny, as do all of us. The pathway appears well lit by sunlight that never dims. On this bright and sunny day, I am especially appreciative of the light that illumines my pathway.

Thank You.



3 thoughts on “Being Everything We Are

  1. I like reading these. I’m not a Jesus person so I have extract that part but the message is the same. Bottom line we are God and we have a direct line because we are the line.

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