Joining with God & the Cosmos

“Now let us consider this in terms of experience. As knower and known are one, experience and experiencer are one. In other words, one must expe¬rience in order to know. It follows then that what is experienced is what is known. It also follows then, that to not experience joining is to not experi¬ence wholeness. Stated another way, the self cannot know the Self without joining with the Self. The Self must be the knower and the known, the expe¬rience and the experiencer. The quest to join with God is this quest. The quest to be the knower and the known, the experience and the experiencer. The culmination of this quest then, is joining.” (ACOL, D:Day30.5)

What this means is that we are joining with God, with the illusory separation finally and completed banished from our experience. We are joining with the Christ-Self who dwells within each of us independently, but we are also joining with the Self Who embodies the Godhead, and this larger Self reaches to us with intuitions and mystical awareness that will change our life forever.

Here in Day 30 of our 40 days and nights on the mountain top are the simple words of a consolidation of our being with God Himself. Truly, He has always been living through us, but we have not been aware of this aspect of the cosmos. We are mistakenly seen God as outside ourselves, a Deity to Whom we prayed for consolation and solace, a Deity Who might grant our prayers or might not. This old-fashioned idea was never accurate, but it was the best that an unawakened populace could muster. Now awakened individuals point and have pointed the way to a new era of sovereignty for our very souls. We are created in a new world; we are no longer imagining that we are powerless, dependent on a God Who might or might not listen to our supplications.

God is our very soul, differentiated into entities of which we are One. This new way of viewing our Maker is enhanced by our grown-up status. At last we have come into our own with God. We listen to guidance, and we make decisions that mystically reinforce our Oneness with Him.

Dear God,

I know that You hear me. You are closer than my own breath. Our Oneness lifts me up today, in sureness that You hear. Your consolations and solace are not lost on me; I am sure of You. May I refuse to develop any other false ideas about You, the ones that said that we were separate and apart. Now we are One, and I revel in that discovery.



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