Attract the Good

“What the mountain top experience is helping you to see is that you are the experience. The mountain top experience did not happen to you or happen separately from you. It has happened and is happening within you. You are the experience and the experiencer, the knower and the known. This joining is the point of the experience and the key to experiencing wholeness.” (ACOL, D:Day31.3)

We are one with all life, and one with all our experiences in this life that we occupy. Our entity is joined with the greater Whole, and as a result we know peace in a way that has heretofore eluded us. Being one with God, and knowing that Oneness is Who we are, brings this great peace. We live in a cocoon of God’s goodness, attracting more good all the time.

The mountain top experience is a metaphor for the life that we are now living. We don’t have to relive current experiences over and over; our current submergence in God’s way will attract whatever good there is in the future. And that future will almost certainly include Christ-consciousness. This is God’s Will for us, when we are ready. And Jesus hopes, mightily, that we will be ready soon. He needs our hands and feet—and mind and heart—to change our world and then create a new world.

If we read A Course of Love with heartfelt dedication, we will know the truth of what it is saying to us. Our doubts about its legitimacy will be no more; our heart will have told us the truth about its authority.

Be peaceful today, in a joining with God that is as genuine as it is possible for us to make it. Then He will not have far over to lean when He leans down to pick us up into Awakening.

Dear God,

I am comforted today by Your assurance to me that decisions made in fear are not good decisions. Decisions made in trust, however, work. I would make all decisions in trust today and every day in the future.

Thank You for Your patience with me. I have often been scared of this world in which I find myself. I have depended on friends and family as well as You. But today I would harmonize myself with You alone. Friends and family do not have to be my support, when Your support is ever present.



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