Home Stretch of Our Journey

“Self and God are one and experiencing together in wholeness. For the individuated Self to experience separately from God is to negate the purpose of the experience of the Self which is God. To negate is to deny what is. The denial of what is is the source of sepa¬ration. The acceptance of what is is the Source of union and the ability to experience in wholeness.” (ACOL, D:Day31.8)

Here we have a capsule explanation of what happened in separation from God—and a heartfelt (on Jesus’s part) that we won’t try that solution anymore. The solution of separation from God is no solution at all; it is a rejection of what true reality actually holds. And then the mind is ripe for a resurgence of the ego, and the whole mess would start all over again.

We fell into the ego when we were adrift. If we pay attention to what Jesus is saying in A Course of Love, we will most definitely not be adrift again, but primed to enjoy true reality in living our life. All of us want to be happy, and while just happiness may not seem like an end in itself, happiness does prepare us for all contributions that we would hope to make in a world made new. If we are downhearted and lacking in good energy, we will struggle through our days. And this is just not necessary any longer. We know how to live now; it is up to us, in league with God, to carry out what we know, in theory, and make it practical.

Wholeness means that God and Self dwell as one. This way of being will surge up in us with anticipation. We are finally on the home stretch of our long journey.

Dear God,

Thank You for the wisdom of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. And the Bible, which led us through life for so long. I am ready now to look to You for the essence of my days. I give up struggle as a bad idea. I adopt the easy way of following Your advice in anything and everything that I undertake.

Be with me throughout this good day. Help me to remember to give You the credit for my new upsurge in energy and in joy.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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