God Is Living through Us

“The experience of the Self is God. It is not from God. It is not of God. It is God.

“If all of life is the oneness that is God and God has chosen to experience that oneness through relationship, then you are also that experience and are in relationship with God through that experience.

“Here we must revisit the concepts of oneness and manyness for if you retain any notions of God that are inaccurate, they will arise here.” (ACOL, D:Day32.1 – Day32.3)

“The experience of the Self IS God. Here we find the unvarnished truth in all its glory. We probably still have trouble recognizing that God lives within us, and lives through us—but here it is. We still have unconscious and conscious misgivings that we are not the people that we ought to be, and that we certainly cannot be living experiences that are God.

Set aside doubts, and consider that A Course of Love just may be right. ACOL consists of a cohesive world view that does not deviate from the assertion that our separation from God was always illusory, and led to an illusory reality, and that we are now on the road back to true reality, where illusion reigns no more. We are living a new Self, one that has been covered over, on the inside, for eons. Of course this new idea takes some getting used to!

God IS living through us, and our experiences are His. Surely we want to give the Deity a new day, and when we drop into vestiges of separation and rebellion, we are doing Him and us a disservice.

Let God speak from our depths. Let Him tell us how to live. When we do, we will never look back. The way forward is too enticing.

Dear God,

I would use my best thinking today to intuit what the depths of me are saying. I know that You rule those depths, and that my contribution is simply, always and forever, to give You a good day. What other way can I say it, if You are living through me?

Be with me on this pleasant, sunny day, as I enjoy my sun porch. Nature is so close; You are so close. I enjoy being intimate with You. There is no more joyous feeling to entertain.


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