Function Extremely Well

“A concept of God is not necessary. False concepts of God, however, are compromising to God and to Self.

“Jesus spoke to you of his life as an example life. Jesus was called the Son of God and also God. Those who understand the meaning of any or all of the example lives that have come as revelations of who God is, understand that those lives were not separate from God.

“Yet to believe that God is everyone can still make you feel as if you are not God. How can this be? This can be only because in your contemplation of this idea, you lose your sense of self. (ACOL, D:Day32.10 – Day32.12)

We can just accept that we are part of God; this eliminates the need for a concept. Many of the example lives on our earth have understood that we and God are one, not separate. But in the rank and file of religious people, the word has not been accepted—perhaps, until now. We are growing up fast in our faith. We are coming to understand what has previously been clouded.

If we lose our sense of self in an idea that we are part of God, we will reject the idea. We need to keep our sense of self, knowing that the Christ-Self Who is now coming out to play as a good and worthy entity, and a good and worthy idea of ourselves to accept. We don’t need, ever, to cringe before a Deity that might deny us our prayers. We will have prayers accepted when we discover how to pray aright.

Praying aright is assuming a sense of rightness about the prayer. It is an intuitive way to live. And it brings results. We believe that our prayer will be answered, when we are on the beam. And the prayer is, indeed, answered.

Occupy our elevated Self of form, sure in its merger with God. Do discover how to pray aright, and this suggests that we turn to the mystical, intuitive side to choose prayers that are in harmony, and thus prayers that we can believe are going to be answered. Then we wait patiently for the prayer to emerge in all its full-blown beauty.

We are one with God, and when we remember this, we function extremely well.

Dear God,

I would function well today. This includes leaving disappointments behind; this includes turning to an inner knowing to understand what prayers ought to be answered in the affirmative. If I pray a prayer I don’t believe, it is going to be turned aside by the universe. Grant me the intelligence to choose wisely in my prayers.

Thank You.



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