Intimations of Immortality

“The claimed relationship of God to Jesus was that of Father to Son but also as one in being. One in being, but different in relationship.

“Could God be one in being, but different in relationship, to each of us? Could not God’s oneness of being be the consciousness we all share? Could not God’s relationship to everything be what differentiates God from us and us from God? So that we are both one in being and different? Could it be that while we are one in being with God we can also become more god-like through the practice of holy relationship?” (ACOL, D:Day32.17 – Day32.18)

We are finite creatures of God. He is limitless, omniscient, in a relationship with everything and everyone. We draw, in a mystical way, upon the larger Self Who is God, but we don’t have a relationship with everything, as He does. We are thus more limited, though intuitions of the All merge with ourselves when we are in a particularly introspective mood or frame of mind/heart.

The quotation summarizes very well why we differ from the Godhead. But it also says, in other words, that we are one with the Godhead. We are a part of God; He differentiated His being to create entities who share His being. Everything, in other words, is “God-stuff.” There isn’t anything else.

Our oneness with God, in mystical comprehension, gives us hope that we will rise above what we have been heretofore. We have been innocent and perfect always, but we haven’t recognized this, and it is certainly true that our mistakes have camouflaged our perfection. We are like little children who did not know any better, and when we imagine ourselves in that relationship to God, we can well see why we are still innocent. Not knowing any better is not cause for judgment.

We live in love when we commune with the Godhead. His Mind overshadows us and gives us intimations of immortality (as William Wordsworth, the Romantic poet, said). We are well-suited to become creators in our own right when we have learned to think and feel aright. Our discovery of what we can be prompts our movement in that direction. We can indeed create a new world, and, before that, change the one that we have. Jesus expects no less of us.

Dear God,

Grant me an intimation of immortality now. I love the times when inner peace overwhelms me, and I sense Your loving Presence and loving solace. You mend anything that might be amiss; I need only come before You with empty hands and empty arms to receive. And the receiving is sweet indeed.

Thank You for a good day in this world. May I string together perfect days like pearls in a necklace. May Your choices become mine effortlessly.



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