Brilliant Future

“Being is power. But being, like oneness, cannot know itself without relationship. You are one in being with your Father, with God, with the Creator and with all of creation. You are also, however, a being that exists in relationship. The extent of your ability to be in relationship is the extent of your ability to be god-like.

“God is the being and the relationship. You are capable of all the power of God’s being but you are powerful only as God is powerful—in relation¬ship. Because God is in relationship with everything, God is All Powerful. Because you are in a state of limited relationship, you have limited power. This is the difference between God and man. This difference, however, can be diminished as you embrace holy relationship. As you embrace holy rela¬tionship you can become powerful as God is powerful.” (ACOL, D:Day32.19 – Day32.20)

Jesus holds out for us a brilliant future, a future filled with holy relationships that will give us power as God has power. We need not attach egoic understanding to this. God is in relationship to everything, and we are finite beings who are therefore limited, and to that extent unlike God. In our holy relationships, though, we reach mystical comprehension that is unknown to us now—for now we are just at the start of holy relationship, being mired in special relationships for so long.

God knows because of relationship. This is a hard concept to wrap one’s mind (and heart) around, but nevertheless it is true. God cannot know Himself without relationship, because the All is akin to the “nothing.” One is meaningless unless it is divided by differentiation, or individuation. Neale Donald Walsch explains this concept very well in his Conversations with God series. Here we have the same idea, but in the words of Jesus. The fact that Donald and Jesus say the same should be evidence that they are onto something.

Do not seek raw power for its own sake, for this is egoic. The power that we seek, rightly, is the ability to live out our being without hindrances pulling us back. All of us can rightly seek this power, for it is god-like and therefore a highly positive concept.

Being, as One, the All, plus relationship, as the diversity of the entities that God created—these two suffice. Just being and relationship. We know, with this, all that we really need to know about metaphysics.

Dear God,

I have always deemphasized power, because I believed that it was a faulty concept. Now I realize that there is a “good” power, something that I want and need. It will allow me to come into my own. It will allow my brothers and sisters to do the same.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, plus other readings that have helped me greatly. The way back is not hard when I have such excellent guidance.



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