“Being is power. Relationship is powerful. In other words, relationship is the expression of power—all the different expressions of power. In the time of Jesus, the powerful were seen as being blessed by God and the powerless as not being so blessed. This way of seeing has gone much unchanged. All are powerful. But, since all are powerful only in relationship, your relation¬ship to power must be realized. Those who are powerful have realized their relationship to power. Those who see themselves as powerless have not real¬ized their relationship to power. They have not made it real and so it has not served them.” (ACOL, D:Day33.12)

“Power” got a bad rap when we were all in the egoic state of mind. Power was thought to be more insane than not by people on the spiritual path. But now we see a new interpretation of power, an enhanced power for those who have felt themselves beaten down. This power is not insane, not a bad thing, but a way of being that works best in relationship when both individuals are living in their power.

We don’t need victims in a new world, the new world that we will be creating. And a powerless person sees himself/herself as victimized and downtrodden. When we engage with good power in relationship, we stand up for our rights, but not in a combative way. Combative ways are perversions of real power.

Ask God for an understanding of this new way of viewing power. And He will answer. (He always answers.) Contemplate the difference between egoic power and true power that is representative of the best Self whom we can be. We will not have long to wait for this new realization to come over us. A problem always has the solution given at the point of need, and so there are no needs.

Power allows us to be “empowered.” We don’t let ourselves be treated badly; we just assume the presence that God has given us, and the perpetrator of attack will back down. This is all that anger/attack needs to be undone.

Dear God,

Be with me today as I contemplate the definition of power given in A Course of Love. My benign use of power will take me to new heights. It will be a good thing. Let me leave behind all interpretations that partake of the ego.

Thank You for giving me the reassurance that You will direct me in this nitty-gritty part of life. I would drop egoic ways of manipulating people, and assume my true, God-given, power.


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