Harmony of the Cosmos

“This wholehearted desire can be fulfilled in you—it is being fulfilled in you. As it is fulfilled in you, you will create a new world—a world based on sameness rather than difference. You have faced and admitted your willingness to leave striving for specialness and differences behind. Now you need only realize that your wholehearted desire has made it so and begin to see and create this change in the world around you.” (ACOL, D:Day34.5)

Jesus doesn’t mean, literally, that we will all be the same. There is room for diversity, something that we applaud, in sameness. The difference that he means is the “specialness” that many of us would still applaud, thinking that it gets us something that we want. It doesn’t. Our specialness is a mirage that will never be fulfilled, for it lacks God’s will in it. We are all unique, and in that sense diverse and not the same, but in our true qualities, our innocence and our intangible qualities, we have a similarity that will lift us up. It is this similarity that is the sameness that Jesus is here extolling.

We will create a new world, though we have no idea now how that new world will look. When we become comfortable with our new identity, the contribution that we can make to changing the world and creating a new one in its place, will come to us through the guidance of the Christ-Self, as well as the “larger” Self Who is God. The Godhead will direct us, but only when we are open to being directed. He doesn’t force Himself upon us. He lets us imagine separation just as long as we want it, but He is here to show us a better way—a way of cooperation with the harmony of the cosmos. And this way of cooperation comes when we accept others, in their intangible qualities, as just like ourselves. Equal in all respects.

Dear God,

I am eager to know what my part in this world can be. I am willing to listen to You, to hold back when You say wait, to move ahead when I get the green light. Help me to discern the difference today.

Most of us are tired of the same-old, same-old world. The world that does not work. We want a world that will grant us peace and harmony, joy and delight.

When You have readied us, when we have removed the blocks to the awareness of love—this is when You will reach down and lift us up in Christ-consciousness. I pray that this gathering up may be soon.



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