We Create Our Own Reality

“This is your world and your experience. This is your life and your expe¬rience of life. Now you must believe that you are its creator and powerful in your relationship to it.

“If you do not make real your power, you will experience yourself as powerless. If you experience your being as powerless, you are negating the power of God who is one in being with you.” (ACOL, D:Day34.6 – Day34.7)

WE are the creator of our experience, we make our own reality. This is a favorite maxim of New Age thinking, and here Jesus gives this maxim his stamp of approval.

We don’t create the world that we truly want if we are thinking and feeling negativity all the time. The Powers that be will think that this is what we want—more negativity. So when we lift up our thoughts and feelings to a new high, powerful in its implications, we reap improved benefits. God knows that we are aiming for the highest that He can give us, and He gives us this highest truly.

We don’t need to be afraid of power. Turned to the right ends, it is a blessing, good in its entirety. Power has gotten a bad rap because when formed by the ego, we used it for manipulative ends. We are beyond this now. We use the good implications of our power, true and good. We are ever increasing our good in the world when we listen to power that is based in God’s blessing.

It is a powerful concept to know and to act on the truth that we create our own reality. If we keep positive, we can change our world/create a new world in line with the best that is known of God. He wishes us well; if we wish well for ourselves, other people, and even God Himself, we will be on the right pathway.

Dear God,

I wish to keep positivity going in my life. I wish to enhance the good in my life. Everyone feels this way, but not all of us know how to achieve these ends. I have found that keeping good thoughts and feelings going in my psyche works to improve my life. This is the law of attraction in operation.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely. Your way is effortless when it is rightly applied to my life. No sacrifices, no pain, no suffering—just peace, harmony, and joy abundant.


1 thought on “We Create Our Own Reality

  1. Life Journey With JC

    Well said.. we are co-creator of our reality. We are the highest form of creation and God wants only the best for all of us. We should start from renewing our mind and beliefs..having a good thoughts about ourselves, about others and about the world we live in. We must be always connected with Him and ask guidance and wisdom from Him everyday. We are abundant and blessed. God bless your heart dear. Great post. Thank you for sharing.:)


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