Know Thyself

“Giving ideas life is the role of creatorship.

“As a creator of life, new life, your first creation is, in a sense, creation, or recreation of yourself. This is why you return to the ground-level of humanity with the heights of divinity fresh in your minds and hearts. This is why you return accepting of yourself rather than in a quest for self or with a desire to know a higher self. You return knowing you are one in being with your Creator and accepting your power to create. You return to create unity and relationship, through unity and relationship.” (ACOL, D:35.10 – Day35.11)

Here Jesus is talking about a return to level ground after the mountain top experience of these 40 days and 40 nights. We are within a short time frame now, Day 35 of the 40. We don’t have to make extravagant attempts to “know” ourselves; knowing ourselves has been given us in this mountain top experience.

We have long felt that knowing ourselves was a puzzle with a piece missing. We mull over this concept for years, not knowing where it would lead. Now we do know. If we haven’t experienced Christ-consciousness yet, we have—all of us—had glimpses of it when we were especially calm and peaceful, mellow. And, for most people, these glimpses will begin to elongate, until we live in an awakened state just all the time. For some, the change is dramatic, and if unprepared, they don’t know what to make of it. But we have been prepared. We simply await the final swoop of God Himself, lifting us up to enlightenment.

We live in a world fashioned of ideas, for we ourselves, like God Himself, are an idea. This is why we don’t have to dwell any longer in illusion; the scales over our eyes have dropped off, and we can see—for the first time. Our vision gives us the will to live in unity—all One—and relationship—all diverse—with God and our brothers and sisters. We know what we are about now. We are about creating a new world.

Surely we don’t know where to begin, and this is a natural state for right now. Listen to guidance, whispers of intuition, to see what our next step can be and should be. Our creatorship is just beginning. Things are brighter now. Our psyches are revved up for a new day in this same old world, but a new day that will transform this world.

Dear God,

I want to promise that I will listen attentively to the whispers of intuition that tell me what to do and say next. Don’t let me forget. Show me a real sign if I get out of step. And help me to take smooth and measured paces as I walk in the new world that is beginning to form outside my body.

Be with me as I pray. Form the words in my mind and heart, and then I will know that they are true and good. Keep from me any tendency to revisit the ego. I wish that false self to stay in the past.

Thank You.



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