There Is Nothing Worth Doing except Loving

“Unity is oneness of being. Relationship is different expressions of oneness of being.

“Being a creator must begin with full realization of oneness of being, which is unity, because without this full realization the potential exists for conditions other than love to exist. It should not take much consideration to know that to create from anything but love could have disastrous effects. This has been seen time and time again as you have “created” in separation.” (ACOL, D:Day35.13 – Day35.14)

We have made a mess of things in our world. We have not let Love take the lead.

Now we have another chance, for we know (like The Way of Mastery says, another channeled work believed to be channeled by Jesus) that there is nothing else worth doing than loving. Of course, even in our secular world, we recognize “tough love,” and so nobody, lest of all Jesus, is recommending that we become victims of hostile individuals. Yet just moving into a situation with the intention of doing the loving thing will break down barriers of defensive postures. We can make a difference in Love. The problem is that we have never really tried Love, though all religious leaders have advocated it.

When we are united with God, He gives us ideas about what to say, do, think. It is when we think that we are unjustified in His sight that we turn on ourselves and seek to find out what we would do if truly apart from Him. But we are not apart from Him, never have been. Let His gentle whispers of the next step move us in a new and different direction. Let Love inform all of our decisions.

We have created differently from what Love would say. This is the bottom rung of our ladder of mis-thought, a ladder that rises to a metaphorical Tower of Babel. Let us give up such nonsense forthwith. We garble our words when we don’t communicate in love.

We need to be joined in harmony, and Love is the only harmony that truly and decisively works.

All the time.

Dear God,

I would be gentle and harmonious today, and let the experiences of today inform my tomorrows. I would sometimes take the role of follower in my interactions, not saying the harsh thing, not asserting my authority. Love speaks this way sometimes. Does it really matter if we are always right? Isn’t happiness the better choice? And doesn’t our own choice for happiness make for a better world, in our circle of friends and family, and even in the larger world.

Thank You for giving me the blessing of Your Presence, the sense of closeness that on which I have come to rely. Thank You for my intuitive sense of what I think is the next right action.



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