We Must Be about Our Father’s Business

“This is a true starting over with the true realization that giving and receiving are one and that both are within your power. This is starting over with the realization that you can give yourself a new set of circumstances and a new world by creating it as your experience. This is starting over with the realization that you are now the creator of your experience. You have always been creating because you have always been one in being with God who is endlessly creating. But you are only now a creator in union and relationship.

“The difference here is all the difference in the world. (ACOL, D:Day36.9 – Day36.10)

Because all of us are actually one, in union with God though possessing distinct personalities, we are creators in union and relationship. Being in union and relationship is a new experience for us, for we lived discrete lives, and we believed that not only were we separate from each other, but we also believed that we were separate from God.

Changing our minds and hearts about something so central to our existence is bound to create a different experience. And it is this new and different experience that will make the world seem different to us. We will be about the new business of changing/creating newly in our world, creating along the lines of what our true guidance prompts us. And we will not be disappointed in what we find. Our lives will take on new meaning, for our own transformation will become the backdrop for the transformation of our world.

These are exciting times! Jesus has led us gently, and with much repetition (for emphasis), to the place we occupy now. His words in A Course of Love have entered our heart, and then our heart has changed our mind. We have already made inroads into transformation. All of us have had glimpses of enlightenment, however brief. Our peace is greater than we have ever known before. We are on the road to a greater tomorrow.

Let our changing experiences prompt us as to how to change the world. And how to create a new world. We don’t make changes without careful preparation, and we are being prepared every day.

We can all see the internal changes that have been wrought in us over the time that we have read A Course of Love, and the external will but mirror the our interior. We must be about our Father’s business, not unlike the way that Jesus was at age 12. We have delayed long enough. Let us begin.

Dear God,

I ask for your guidance as I seek to make my way in a world that seems increasingly to be foreign to me. I would ask for guidance to transform the world that encircles me with a new truth, a new true reality. May my interior, led by the Christ-Self, tell me what next to think, say, and do.

Thank You for guiding me this far. You haven’t dropped me yet, and You won’t. As Your child, I know that as I listen to You, I will be gently corrected, if need be, and gently prompted toward the next right step on my pathway back to You.



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