End to Illusion

“There is only difference between your being and God in relationship. This is the example that the ideas of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a trinity representing one God were meant to portray. The Son could only be God in relationship to God. The Holy Spirit could only be God in relationship to God. The Father could only be God in relationship to God. God could only be the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in relationship. Without relationship, God is simply all—being. Without relationship, what is not God is simply being—simply existing at the opposite end of the continuum of everything that is creation.

“What we have called illusion is this simple nothingness of existence without relationship to God, and thus existence without relationship to the power of creation.” (ACOL, D:Day36.11 – Day36.12)

There is much theology in these final days in the 40 days and 40 nights. Here Jesus is trying to convey to us that the One, the All, the Being Who is God differentiated or individuated Himself so that He is in relationship to discrete Parts of Himself. Jesus implies here that God could not know Himself unless He had differentiated Himself into discrete parts. Yet in this relationships of parts to the Whole, God does know Himself. And when we don’t fantasize about being separate from Him, we know Him also.

The illusion in which we have been caught as separation from God has not allowed us to be creators of anything true or real. God set the limits on our perchance to miscreate, as A Course in Miracles tells us. And these limits meant that we lived in illusion. Now we know better, for A Course of Love has clued us in. We are living true reality now. No longer illusion. What a relief for us all. We move into true reality when we allow God to mend the illusory separation.

Dear God,

I would live true reality now. Help me to know how and what to do. And to think. And to say. I leave it all up to You Who are living through me.



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