Our New Choice Is to Be One with God

“To be a being of feeling, thought, creativity and knowing or perception is to be one in being with God. Accept this, for this is what God is and what you are. This is being. To be one in being with God and yet to exist outside of the powerful state of relationship and union has been a chal¬lenging choice. A god-like choice. A choice for a new kind of experience that has led to the creation of an unreal reality so populated by the god-like and the god-less, so near to replacing creation with destruction, so joyous and loving, and so hate- and pain-filled, that you have been moved to a new choice.” (ACOL, D:Day36.15)

We now know that we want to live differently from our egoic days, our times of (illusory) separation from God. Jesus has carefully explained the means back to God for us. We need but listen. A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, Way of Mastery, and other channeled works, not to mention the New Testament, tell us, in the Christian tradition, how to make our way back. We need simply to be attentive.

We know that we need the next step in spiritual evolution—Christ-consciousness, Awakening, or enlightenment. We aren’t in total control, for God makes the decision as to timing of the bestowal of this blessing. Our task is simply to remove the blocks we have barricaded ourselves behind, the blocks that prevent us from seeing love in any and every situation. Even the most hostile acts are a cry for love, and we know this now. Forgiveness will go a long way toward removing the blocks to the awareness of love.

Be with us today as we seek to join with God in an ever-closer walk. Our new choice will sustain us. Our new choice will show us how to live triumphantly.

Dear God,

I would be soft-spoken today. Slow to anger, slow to disharmony. I would know harmony in my daily life, as much as possible, from now on. I do know that I will slip up, but Jesus stands at the end of my pathway to correct any mistakes that I can’t correct. This is promised in A Course in Miracles.

Thank You for guiding me, ever so gently, I see now, throughout my life. There have been some times that I rued the good life that I actually had, and I ask You to take from me any tendency to rue anything now. I will start from where I am.



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