Only the Loving Gesture Really Works

“You keep striving for differentiation in a way that simply will not work—through separation! And what’s more, you keep striving for differentiation while wanting to continue a certain reliance. Your differentiation from the being of God can only come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your quest for separation! This would be like demanding to be a body and not a mind! Your reliance on God can only come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your quest for separation! This would be like demanding that the mind send the body the signals it needs while proclaiming their separation.” (ACOL, D:Day37.8)

Woe unto to us who continue to choose separation from God! Sometimes we think that if we follow God’s Will (really our true will as well) we will be coerced into doing things that we don’t want to do. At such times, we don’t trust God to have our best interests at heart. Old ideas of a punitive god die hard. And that is just what we have in our minds—a punitive god who demands sacrifice at the cost of our good living.

Many of us have had faulty images of God in the past. The time is now upon us to love a God Who is more mature and more accepting of us than we have ever imagined. His desires for humankind are benign, not directive except to let us know that only the loving gesture really works. We do exert our free will, sometimes disastrously, and He doesn’t step in to call a halt, even to horrific things. And we blame Him for this. Instead, we ought to blame ourselves, and our society and culture, for failing each other. When we blame God for not intervening, we ask Him to sacrifice the truth of His creation. Free will is among His greatest gifts, and to intervene in our violent deeds is to ask Him to meddle in a creation that He would set free.

Violence is not of God. Evil is not of God. He knows that regardless of the forms that we use, we are either expressing love or calling for love. Regardless of the form that we use. Without exception.

Ask to be more loving today to those in our circles, our brothers and sisters near and far. It is only when we reach the tipping point in our societies and cultures with more of us choosing the expression of love than not, then and only then will we truly be saved from ourselves.

Dear God,

Guide me today to express only love in my dealings with other people. This may mean that I need to call a halt to a quick retort, remain silent when I want to speak, or (contrariwise), speak up when I would prefer to remain silent. You know what I can best do. You know me through and through. Take charge of me as You live through me. Don’t let a divided self seek to stand.

Thank You for guiding my thoughts today, for it is from my thoughts, the thoughts of my heart, that I will discover how best to be a friend to all.


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