God Is All Compassionate Being Everywhere

“One of the reasons you have been as intent as you have been on your idea of a separate and particular God is that you want to believe that there is a compassionate being in charge of everything, looking out for you, there to help when you are in need. God is all compassionate being everywhere—not one being of compassion! In union and relationship you realize this. And you realize that all compassionate being everywhere is a consciousness or beingness that you share. And further, you realize that what is possible is for you to become the one being of compassion that you already are in God.” (ACOL, D:Day37.9)

Do we think we need a “separate” God to pray to? Is that what is holding us up in believed this truth that God and we are One. God is compassion Being everywhere, and so there is no real problem here. I pray to God often and with complete assurance that I am heard, for He is my very being, though in my finiteness I make mistakes.

God doesn’t make mistakes, but we are discrete beings who are not omniscient. When His Being is everywhere, it is all-knowing and all love—no mistakes at all. We can’t understand the difference fully, but if we let our heart talk to us, we gain some wisdom. Our heart intuitively knows God’s Presence and His peace, and that is enough. Our heart leads our mind to stop its incessant questioning, its incessant doubting.

All compassionate being everywhere! What a concept! We have learned from A Course of Love, though, that a concept of God is not only unnecessary but also impossible for us to attain correctly.

Let us turn to God as we understand Him, as in 12-step programs, and then let Him “talk” to us.

We will not be disappointed.

Dear God,

I get intuitive insight that seems more than just my little, finite self. Is this intuitive insight really coming from You? I hope so. The intuitions are virtually always on task, right on task.

Be with me today. Help me to refrain from complaining about the little things that might go wrong in a lifetime. There is so much gloriously right that I am ungrateful to focus on any minor detail that seems to have gone awry.

Thank You.


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