Let God Speak to Our Hearts

“Now it is time to see me as your own God as well as God of all. Now it is time to call me who I Am.

“There is a subtle and loving difference between I Am and who I Am. Who is an acknowledgment of individuated or differentiated being in union and relationship.

“Community, or union with, can never replace or replicate ownership and possession in union and relationship. It cannot replace who I Am, or who I Am to you.” (ACOL, D:Day38.10 – Day38.12)

Jesus is not saying that he is the Godhead, but that he shares in it (“who I am,” not “I am”). And we all share in God, for God made us of the stuff of His Being. There is nothing else in the universes; He had no other choice.

We don’t, though, have to get lost in this theology. If it seems hard to wrap one’s mind around, let the heart lead. That is the message of A Course of Love, after all. Let the heart lead, and the heart will, in the natural order of things, lead the mind.

We will have new mental understandings, more comprehension of the ultimate. We are living in union (One with God) and in relationship (diverse entities, differentiated from “God-stuff”) with everything and everyone. But we don’t know it, for we are finite beings. It is God alone who is in relationship to everything and everybody as an infinite Being. And being in relationship, He is able to know Himself as well as all of us.

We are individuated or differentiated parts of God. In this we can rest easy. He will sweep us up in His Arms and comfort us anytime we ask. The world is usually too much with us, and He would change all of our obsessions with the values of this world.

Be calm today. Let God speak to our heart.

Dear God,

I would be in the flow today, just enjoying my little part of heaven in this universe. And our world can be heaven, though most of us don’t yet see how.

I would leave it up to You to transform this world into heaven, though I will do Your bidding—for You need my hands and feet.


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