Reconsidering Jesus

“My beloved,

“It is time now to come to your own discovery of who I Am to you. No one can give you this answer, not even me, because this is the nature of who we are. Individuated beings are who we are in relationship to one another.

“You have heard of life spoken of as a projection. Because we are all one being, we must either extend or project in order to individuate and be in relationship. You are an extension of I Am into form. Through your exten¬sion, you can become who you are to me, instead of who I have been to you.” (ACOL, D:Day39.1 – Day39.3)

Our lives on earth have been a projection—as long as we deemed ourselves to be a separate entity, separate from God. Now Jesus is taking us a step farther. He is encouraging us to see ourselves in relationship to him as an “extension” that reaches to him. But we are not projecting our image of what and who he is; we are seeing afresh. We are an extension of “I Am into form,” which means that we are an extension of God into form. We are beginning to see with the eyes of Christ, and this, of course, means that we can think/feel as Jesus does. Not that we have reached this goal yet. But it is coming.

We are in relationship to Jesus, as well as all other brothers and sisters. These relationships are becoming fuller now, as we see who we are to him and who he is to us. We don’t have to develop a personal relationship to him, but he can do so much more for us if we take him by the hand, as he bids us do. He is our leader, pointing out the way to those of us in the Christian tradition.

We have walked far together, Jesus and us, in this journey of 40 days and 40 nights, and also in this journey through A Course of Love. The future brightens as we come to discover exactly what awaits us at the end of this particular journey. And as Christ-conscious beings, our journeys will lack the pain that they have had until now.

Allow Jesus to speak to our hearts. Don’t let our old skepticism about him rear its head. He means well, and would we not discover what life really can be from someone who knows, Jesus himself?

Dear God,

My days are happier now, and for that I thank You. The culmination of A Course of Love is indeed sweet. May I turn from thoughts/feelings that Jesus is judgmental. That is a projection of my ego, and I would be done with all such imaginings.

Guide my days, for this is always something that I always ask of You. I am seeing as never before, but guide my vision to see truly, not making mistakes, not seeing things that aren’t there.

Thank You.


5 thoughts on “Reconsidering Jesus

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