Conversing with Jesus

“When you turn the last page, will you cry tears of sadness that our dialogue is complete, that you will hear my voice no more? Or will you brave your own relationship with me? Will you turn to your brother and hear my voice in him? Will you be my voice as you turn to your sister? Will you carry the fullness of our relationship within you? Will you be one with me, and in being one with me never feel alone again? Will you let the emptiness of separation leave you once and for all?” (ACOL, D:Day40.33)

Using the imagination to write a dialogue with Jesus is not outside the realm of possibility. I find it very helpful, imagining what a beloved elder brother would say when I present with my little dilemmas. We know more about Jesus’ thinking processes than we realize. In going through his channeled works, a personality emerges. And it is consistent personality, though A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love are more formal than the verbal words from The Way of Mastery. In the latter, his humor shines through and through. And, as a result, we feel especially at ease with him.

Joan of Arc is said to have been accosted by someone who doubted the validity of her “voices.” He scoffed that it was her “imagination.” She rejoined, “Yes, it is my imagination. That is how God speaks to us.”

Use our imagination to pen a few questions to Jesus. This can be in your handwriting or typed on a computer. Sense what might be said in return, a personal message from our elder brother. We will not, any of us, be disappointed. The words that we get in such a fashion will seem better than anything that we could concoct. We will be reassured that here is a person who loves us unconditionally, with a love that is deep, abiding, and never withdraws.

So we need not stop this dialogue; we can see that it continues, and with a personal slant that has not previously been explored by us. Remember that Jesus comes to us upon a “single, unequivocal call” (A Course in Miracles); these are welcome words for me personally. Let them be for you too.

It is a wonderful thing to feel the camaraderie of our brothers and sisters, and the camaraderie of an elder brother who has walked the entire pathway, standing at its end to correct the mistakes in us that we have not been able to correct (this from A Course in Miracles). Express your willingness to leave mistake-prone behavior behind. Don’t give Jesus a great deal to clean up.

We can know a lovely present and an ever-improving future. Use affirmations that may occur as we are writing. These are strong indications of where we want to go in life, and they come bearing rich fruits.

Dear God,

I would imagine a dialogue/conversation with Jesus often. I would not let my imagination turn to the fanciful, making me wonder if I am deluding myself. The words of an elder brother are important to us, and Jesus is the elder brother that we have all longed to have.

Show me the way. Let my mind/heart be uplifted with a safe but joyous affect at all times.

Thank You.


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